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Diversity is a hot topic to write about, not because it is very controversial, but because governments, businesses, schools, and private organizations seek to promote diversity within their ranks and in the social arena where they flourish.

When you write a diversity essay, make sure you define what diversity is and how different it is from other concepts that are almost similar, such as multiculturalism and equality. It is also important to outline the various social benefits that an organizational unit and the entire society can reap from having a diverse background. Ultimately, however, the goal of a diversity essay is to persuade people to promote diversity and provide recommendations as to how we can do it.
Defining Diversity

Diversity, in a nutshell, refers to the existence of members of a particular political unit that belong to difference ethnicities. The diversity index that is used to measure diversity is arrived at by defining the probability that two random individuals are of different ethnicities. For example, if half of a group is all white Americans and the other half are Chinese, the diversity index in that group is 0.50. If everyone is Mexican, the diversity index in that group is 0.

It is important to note in your diversity essay that diversity does not only refer to differences in ethnicity, as there are also other human features that we have little or no control over, such as age, sexuality, gender, physical disabilities, mental health, attractiveness, and socio-economic background.

Importance of Diversity

Advocating a difference of ethnicities and cultures in a diversity essay also involves explaining why diversity is important, whether in the workplace or inside the classroom or elsewhere. The following are some reasons why diversity has become one of the utmost priorities of businesses and the academe. You may cite these reasons in your diversity essay and find out how you can further explain them in your own words.

  • Diversity provides an objective way to recognize talented individuals and promote them.
  • Diversity establishes a healthy environment where discrimination is non-existent and all individuals are given the chance to reach their maximum potential.
  • Diversity allows a wholesome exchange of different ideas coming from people of different backgrounds and provides new and novel ways of tackling a problem.

Promoting Diversity in Your Essay

There are so many ways that organizations can promote diversity within their ranks and in their external dealings. For example, corporate entities can create a system-wide culture that sees the importance of diversity by promoting it as a team effort. In other words, everyone works on it instead of a designated team of specialists. It can also help if there is an observable assessment method in place to gauge the extent of diversity within the organization. Hiring and recruitment can also place emphasis on diversity by reviewing their employment and human resources management practices. A clear and efficient process for filing racial discrimination and harassment complaints, backed by a supportive environment, should also be present.

These are only some practices that you can suggest in your diversity essay. Don’t be limited by these suggestions and try to come up with more of your own.