What Is A College Thesis?

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Does it ever surprise you to know that when you get to your senior year in college, your professors will never, not once in your lifetime, answer the question, “What is a college thesis?”

Certainly, with the guidance of an able and competent thesis advisor, you will be able to turn in a thesis that demonstrates thorough research and effective arguments. Your advisor will provide feedback and assistance when you need him to and, very likely, his comments on the progress of your work will propel you to redirect your arguments in the right direction. (more…)


Essay Support: The Importance of Editing

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It is easy to think that the best essay writers were simply born with a natural talent that is not available to everybody else. After all, if you cannot write an excellent 1,000-word essay even if you slave away for an entire night, then good writers must be geniuses, right? The truth is the best writers do not just slave away on their essays for an entire night; they work on it days, weeks or even months before submission time.

What takes them so long? Well, for one thing, writers have to do a lot of research for the content of their essays. That takes a lot of time even before they actually go down to writing their first draft. And for another, they take a lot of time to edit and revise their first draft. It may not be the most fun of all tasks, but editing and revising, many writers say, is the meat and bones of the writing process. That means that if you are going to be a serious essay writer, you will have to spend a lot of time adjusting, altering or completely replacing what you have just written.

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What Is An Essay For?

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Amateur essay writers will tell you that the answer to that question is to convey information. Others will tell you that the point of writing an essay is to argue a point. Still, you will hear other writers telling you that an essay is made to convince your readers to do something. All of these are true, but they all ignore one thing—the writer himself. What is the essay’s purpose when it comes to the writer? (more…)


Common Essay Writing Mistakes: The Shotgun Technique

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If you’re planning to write an essay, you have to make sure you don’t make one of the most common mistakes that amateur essay writers often make. A good essay that is worth more than a second glance should be well thought out, planned and structured. Many students who are not yet familiar with the essay writing process often times make the mistake of using the shotgun technique. It’s like firing your bullets all at the same time. You bombard the reader with every little piece of information you know without pausing to think if it is relevant to your main point at all. You might think you’re very bright, but your readers will most likely disagree. (more…)


Child Labour Essay Writing Made Easy

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Here’re some essay writing tips from Go2Essay Pros.  Be sure to take them into account when completing your school task.

There are several issues to touch upon when writing a child labour essay. It is not imperative to talk about all these issues in one essay. What is important is that you, the writer, can adequately cover a single issue on child labour that you wish to illuminate upon. (more…)