Writing a good bullying essay is not an easy task. This article was created by a professional essay writing service to help your efforts.

Bullying is a sensitive topic to write about, but one must write about it to help educate people about it. When you are asked to write a bullying essay, you have to be careful about many things.

For one thing, bullying has grown into such a large concept that it has become a challenge to pin down its exact definition and writers have to be careful about referring to a single type of bullying in their essays. And for another thing, most cases of bullying, at least those which are reported, involve children and teenagers who have personal issues that also have to be addressed on their own. One must be careful about assigning the responsibility for bullying that takes place, especially in situations where minors are involved.
Defining Bullying

A good bullying essay starts with a clear definition of the subject. While some national governments have no precise definitions of bullying, several states in the United States have openly expressed condemnation for the act and have even classified it as a crime. Most would agree that bullying is a form of aggressive behavior engaged by someone to maintain some form of power over someone else who is perceived as weaker than him.

It also helps to include in your bullying essay that bullying takes place in different forms. In most American schools, bullying takes place through social and physical behavior.

  1. Physical Aggression

Boys tend to be more physically aggressive than girls, expressing their bullying through punching, kicking, shoving, beating, choking, throwing things, scraping, stabbing, scratching, slapping, and the like. However, it may be worthy to note in your bullying essay that the number of cases of girls involved in physical bullying has significantly risen over the years.

  1. Social Aggression

Harmful social behavior is a more subtle and indirect manner of bullying because it is harder to pin down than a physical behavior that can be clearly observed. Social bullying also comes in different ways. It can involve written or verbal abuse such as name-calling, taunting, mocking, spreading rumors, and gossiping. Other forms of social treatment that tend to isolate the victim or cause social isolation that can lead to depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem include dishing out the silent treatment, laughing at the victim, giggling, staring, and manipulating.

Issues to Be Addressed

It is not enough to write a bullying essay that is based on the definitions of bullying. A more in-depth treatment would involve looking into the sensitive issues that arise out of the problem, including the following:

  • Causes of Bullying. More often than not bullies are those who have psychological troubles of their own and have no way of expressing them so they resort to projecting their own problems in other people. Parents play an important role in the shaping of a bully’s psychological makeup and should be educated about the proper way of rearing up a child and helping him deal with his personal problems.
  • Reasons for Bullying a Certain Person. There are usually no valid reasons for picking on someone as a victim. You may include in your bullying essay that bullies usually choose their target based solely on race, gender, sexuality, or physical disabilities.
  • Coping with Bullies. Another problem to address is that on the side of the victim. Many cases of bullycide, or suicide resulting from bullying, have been reported in the U.S. and schools and concerned citizens are taking up their resources to educate young people about the best ways to deal with bullying.

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