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There are several issues to touch upon when writing a child labour essay. It is not imperative to talk about all these issues in one essay. What is important is that you, the writer, can adequately cover a single issue on child labour that you wish to illuminate upon.
Child Labour and Education

A common cause of child labour in several countries all around the world, even in first-world and developed nations such as Canada and the United States, is the ineffectiveness of education to prevent children from dropping out of schools and turning to the farms or the streets to work for less than the prescribed minimum wage. In less developed nations, the lack of school facilities, teachers, and a curriculum that is not fit for the children’s needs eventually lead to students leaving the classroom to earn money. If this is the angle you wish to take in your child labour essay, remember to provide possible solutions to the problems in education so schools can prevent the rise of child labour.

Child Labour and Poverty

In Asia and Africa, poverty or the lack of resources to keep a family alive is the biggest problem that governments and charitable institutions focus on. Parents, who were also improperly uneducated in their earlier years and who do not have the means to feed their families that are usually bigger than the average family size of the rich, resort to sending their children to the fields or the streets to work. Children are then burdened with the obligation to provide for their family at an age when they are not yet capable of doing so. In the process, they are left out of an education that they can take advantage of to liberate themselves from poverty.

Child Labour and Slavery

Accounts of abuse and slavery have been inevitably linked with reports of child labour, which you may wish to include in your child labour essay to provide a more human flavor to it. Children forced to work for big-ticket businesses engaged in shady operations were interviewed by journalists and social workers after being rescued from their appalling living and working conditions. They tell stories of physical abuse, emotional cruelty, sexual exploitation, and debt bondage to force children to work for them without wages. This angle in your child labour essay does not only a human touch to your paper, it might also address the deep-seated psychological effects of being forced to work at an early age.

Child Labour in Developed Countries

While majority of child labour problems originate in third-world nations, it cannot be denied that even well-known and prestigious Western companies have found themselves swimming in hot water due to allegations of encouraging or tolerating child labour in the countries where they outsource much of their manufacturing operations. Gap, Inc., for example has been accused of employing child workers in the production of its Gap Kids Line, although there was no evidence to prove that the child labourers worked in adverse conditions. H&M and Zara, both established clothing retailers in the West, were also alleged to have used cotton picked by children in Uzbekistan. These companies have denied the allegations, but it is worth including investigation results in your child labour essay.

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