Employee Recruitment, Selection and Retention

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  1. Introduction
  2. Employee attitude
  3. Organizational commitment
  4. Job involvement
  5. Conclusion



Common Essay Mistakes: Lightweight Content

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Too often the mistake students make is offering too little content in their essay. This is what happens when the writer you have chosen to write a guide essay is not knowledgeable enough in the topic you have asked him to write about. Lightweight content is too little content. It doesn’t contain enough compelling information to convince your professor that you have allotted ample time for your essay. (more…)


Sample Essays: Ecological Principles of Organisation’s Activity

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An Outline:

  1. Introduction. The importance of ecological principles.
  2. Green Party as an example of ecological organisation.
  3. Tre goals and mission of Green Party.
  4. The principles of Green Party activity.
  5. Conclusions.



How to Write an Essay on Racism

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Racism is the belief that one can attribute the characteristics of a person to his ethnicity, skin color and native cultures and traditions. It is used interchangeably with the term racial discrimination and refers to a long history of unfair treatment of individuals who were perceived to belong to inferior races. Today, more people are enlightened and are espousing the equality among races. However, writing a racism essay is still a sensitive task because some people that views in support of racial discrimination should not be disallowed because it is in violation of freedom of speech. (more…)

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Ethical and Legal Issues in Health Care

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This is a sample essay kindly provided by Go2Essay.com writers.

An outline:

  1. A foreword. Ethics as a complex of behaviour’s rules.
  2. The ethical norms in society’s and state life.
  3. The links between ethics and medical service.
  4. The ethical principles in medical worker’s activity.
  5. The JCAHO and its Patients Rights Standarts.
  6. Conclusions.


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Writing a Corruption Essay

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There are different ways to tackle a corruption essay. First, you can decide to write an informative essay that aims to educate your readers on what corruption really is, where it comes from, and how corruption can be remedied. Second, you can write an argumentative essay on why corruption is one of the biggest problems that countries, both developed and developing, should address by citing the numerous nationwide effects of having a system of corrupt practices in place. (more…)


Teacher-Centered Approach vs Student-Centered Approach in Modern Education

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The new century has faced many challenges related to classroom education in schools and universities. Teacher-centered approach is no longer effective to meet the diverse needs of students and to establish high-achieving learning environment, because the emerge of school violence, formation of more diverse populations, technological advances and educational renewal have placed higher demands on teachers and their approach to classroom education. (more…)


Sample Essay: Motivation in the Primary Years

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We continue our series of sample essays from Go2Essay.com. Today we’re publishing a sample essay about motivation in the primary years of our lives.

An ouline:

  1. Introduction. What is motivation and what is the role of motivation in the education process?
  2. Children’s motivation and its particularities.
  3. The intrisic and extrinsic motivation.
  4. How to use the psychology of motivation in school?
  5. How do parents can use the psychologhy of motivation?
  6. Conclusion.


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Writing a Medical School Entrance Essay

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Your acceptance into the medical school of your choice is determined by more than just a number. This means that, while you ought to get a high score in the Medical College Admission Test, your score has to be accompanied by a compelling, well-written medical school essay.

It’s not difficult to write a good essay that will convince your college of choice to accept you if you sincerely put a lot of effort into writing your essay. A few good essay writers may be able to whip up a stellar essay in a weekend, but others will have to really work hard at it a long time before the deadline. (more…)


Writing a Terrorism Essay – Essential Tips

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Since the beginning of recorded history, the term terrorism has been used but was only until the September 11 attacks in the United States that the tern has gained increasing exposure. It is still difficult to define what terrorism is, although modern cases of what is known to be terrorism have similar elements, such as political motives, violence or threats of violence and extensive psychological effects. There are several issues to address in a terrorism essay. Writing an essay on this topic should be meant to educate the public on what terrorism really is. (more…)